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September 30, 2017
[WinPosition Icon]I have been using a tool called WinSpilt Revolution (WSR) for a while now, and it is a very useful tool. As of 2011 though, it was abandoned by its developers, and no new features were added. There is a spiritual successor available in MaxTo, but I prefer my software to be free (as in beer). I'm usually perfectly fine with running abandoned software, especially if it is freeware, but I noticed recently after upgrading my monitor at home to a 4K resolution screen, WSR wasn't working properly. I thought it may just be due to the fact that it was old and couldn't handle the high DPI setting for the monitor, and so I set out to re-write the application myself. I already know quite a bit about working with the Windows API to move and resize windows, since I implemented similar features in Remote Manager, so it wasn't much of an effort to bang out an application to performed as well as WSR. So, after a couple of days of programming, I have a new application available in WinPosition. A brief overview:

WinPosition is a simple application to allow you to manage the location of your various windows on your computer. It came about after the Winsplit Revolution application was discontinued and there was no longer a free version available. WinPosition really works well with high resolution (4K+) screens where you don't really need to maximize your windows to be effective. It pairs well with Remote Manager to manage PuTTY windows if you need to be logged into multiple SSH hosts simultaneously.

Anyway, I wrote the application and tested it at home and work for about a week with great success. I realized at home that the problem with WSR was not that it didn't support 4K monitors, but just that the LG software that came with my monitor was actually getting in the way of the application. Since I prefer to run my own software whenever possible, and my application does everything I need it to, I decided to release WinPosition and stop using WSR everywhere anyway. If you have a need for moving your applications around on your monitor to predictable and precise locations, check it out. If you have any comments or suggestions for the application, please let me know, as I'm very interested in making the best desktop window managing application available on the web.