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Online Applications

Some of these online applications are extensions to the desktop applications available on this site. Others were designed specifically as web applications. Just like my desktop applications, these are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, as long as they are not abused. They may include advertisements on the pages to help pay for the cost of maintaining the hosting/domain names. If you do not want to see the advertisements, consider sponsoring me on Patreon.
Bike Management is a tool to allow you manage your bike fleet. It helps to keep track of when you use each bike, how much distance you put on them, and how much they cost you to own and maintain. It also lets you upload KMZ track files so that you can visualize your bike rides on a map.
A tool to help you plan your cruise excursions.
Seed Tracking is a tool to help you manage seed tracking. I originally wrote it so that I could keep track of which seeds I planted in each of my little starter pots in preparation for transplant once spring rolled around. I thought it might be a helpful tool for other budding gardeners out there, and so I released it into the wild.
StorURL Online is a web-based equivalent of the popular StorURL desktop client. It allows you to store and share your favorite websites in an easy to use online environment that is accessible from anywhere in the world.
TrueIP Online is a web-based extension of the TrueIP desktop client. It allows you to update and track dynamic IP addresses on many remote clients from a single web application that is accessible from anywhere in the world.