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May 29, 2018
Today I've posted a new application called Countdown Max! It's the next generation countdown application, which replaces the previous Countdown application available on the site. It does everything the original one did, but allows for multiple different countdowns simultaneously. It also runs in completely portable mode, which means that all configurations get saved in its local directory, it shouldn't leave its mark on any system it is run on. It only comes in a ZIP file, and is actually just a single executable that can be run from anywhere you have write permission to. If you are anticipating an event, and want to see how long until it happens, check out Countdown Max!

On the StorURL front, a new version has been posted, With this new version come a few new requested features that made sense to add to the application. Each category will now remember how it was last sorted, so no more sorting every time you jump around. A couple of new columns were added to the main UI, "Date Added" and "Credentials." The first is obvious, but the second is a column for quickly identifying which sites have credentials saved for them with a Yes/No value. Clicking on the site will show the username in the site information pane, but the password is still hidden until you open the site's properties (for shoulder-surfing security purposes). Last, but not least, you can now re-order the columns, and their sizes will be remembered between application restarts. This means you can move each column around however you'd like, and even size a column to zero pixels wide if you don't care to see it. Check it out by downloading from the StorURL application page, or by using the built-in updater to update to the latest and greatest.