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StorURL is an offline bookmark manager for Windows desktops. It helps you to store links to all of your favorite websites in one central repository. It works with the browsers installed on your system so you can open your links in any web browser available to you from one central interface.
  • Import your bookmarks from most major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.
  • Open websites in any browser installed on your computer, directly from within StorURL.
  • Store and sort sites in unlimited categories.
  • Enable a floating toolbar that you can keep anywhere on your screen, for quick access to all your bookmarks.
  • Generate HTML “home” pages containing links from one or all categories.
  • Save credentials for any site in an encrypted format.
  • Open and manage unlimited numbers of databases. Have one for work bookmarks and a separate one for home.
  • Portable mode! Now, run it from a USB thumb drive! Check out the download section.

In this modern era, sometimes you aren’t able to get to your own personal PC where StorURL may be installed. If you’re the type of person who moves around from computer to computer, there is a StorURL solution for you! Check out our web-based version of StorURL, which is available for use for free, just like the desktop version.
StorURL on Windows 10StorURL on Windows 8.1StorURL on Windows XPStorURL Main Interface
The following items are required for StorURL to run properly.
Supported/Tested Operating Systems
The following operating systems are supported for running StorURL.
Frequenty Asked Questions
How can I export my bookmarks from StorURL into <Your Browser Here>?
It is not possible to export bookmarks from StorURL into a specific browser format. StorURL was not designed to be a conversion tool. If you are trying to move your bookmarks from one browser to another, there are better tools available on the web.
I am getting an error message about SQLite or something similar. What would cause this problem?
You most likely need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update listed in the prerequisites on this page. Please make sure that is installed and try launching the application again.
After launching in the application, the user interface disappears. Where did it go?
There was a known in issue in older versions of StorURL where the configuration file would become corrupt and open the window as zero pixels wide and zero pixels tall, making it impossible to see. The best solution to this problem is to find the configuration file in %APPDATA%\HazteK Software\StorURL and either manually edit the contents or delete the file and reconfigure the application. While you are at it, you should upgrade to a newer version which has extra checks to mitigate this problem.
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September 25, 2019
How do I restore the edited bookmarks in the beowser(s)?
Joey Hazlett
October 28, 2019
Hi Ger,

I am not quite sure what you are asking for with this question. StorURL is designed to import bookmarks from browsers, not export out to browsers.
October 7, 2019
Do you have plans for a mobile version iOS, Android, or for other systems like Mac? Thanks!
Joey Hazlett
October 28, 2019
Hi Rodrigo,

There are currently no plans for mobile or Mac versions of my applications. Some of them will run on Linux using Wine though.
William de Haan
November 8, 2019

First of all, congrats on what seems like a nice tool. I've used it with Firefox and it seems to do very well with JSON files.

For Chrome, however, it can't seem to find the exported HTML file? Using Chrome bookmark manager, I export file bookmarks_08_11_2019.html, but StorURL's File => Import => Chrome Bookmark File shows "No items match your search" when using Windows 7.

It's looking for type "Bookmark File". The HTML file format is mapped to Chrome, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Unfortunately, this is a corporate environment, so I can't add any extensions to convert the file to JSON. I was able to import it as a Bookmarks HTML file, but that loses all folder information and etc.

Am I missing a step here somewhere? Or can you make any recommendations?
Joey Hazlett
November 12, 2019
Hi William,

You do not need to export the bookmarks from Chrome to HTML in order for the import to work. You can just point StorURL directly at the Bookmarks file from your Chrome profile directory. In my case, the bookmarks file was here: C:\Users\joey\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 1\Bookmarks
Donald Voogd
December 24, 2019
I organised my bookmarks with StorURL. But when I try to export or generate an HTML-file, StorURL crashes and exits. I am running it on Windows 10 release 1909. I installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update. Please help. Took me 1.5 hours to origanise all my bookmarks.
Greetings, Donald
Adrian S.
December 28, 2019
The idea of your program is good, keep developing it.
It would be very useful to me, but the prerequisites make it harder to use in all the OSes I work: MacOS, Windows and Linux.
LinkStash and Linkman work fine in Wine, without the hassle to install anything more.
February 19, 2020
A realy cool Tool.

Is it possible to integrate the following features:
1. Set a default Browser for each Browser.
(Windows File Share also going, that’s very cool but only when I press the Windows Explorer ~Browser~)
2. Drag and Drop URL from Browser direct to StorURL and from StorURL to Browser
3. Sync automatic with online Store by Startup the App and Change someting on the DB.
4. On the OnlineStorURL is it possible to set Icons, will this feature also come to the GUI-APP? And maybe with automatic the ICON from Website

Thanks for your feedback.

Best Greeting John
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