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June 30, 2017
Do you develop websites or other applications that use HTML to display images? Have you ever been annoyed that you forgot to include an image when uploading a page, or releasing a package, and then your HTML document was rendered improperly? Have you heard of Data URIs? They are pretty neat ways to embed an image into the text content of your webpages. There are many, many tools online that will generate these Data URIs for you, but the one thing they all have in common is that you have to upload your image to their server so it can be processed. While this isn't a big issue, if you are worried about uploading your images for any reason, such as copyright or whatever, then uploading to a 3rd party site is not a good idea. This is where Data URI Creator comes in. I recently had the need to embed some PNG files directly into the help file for StorURL to avoid having to package new images. I thought about using one of the online tools, but decided it was a simple enough process that I could write a simple-to-use GUI application that would do the same thing. So that's what I did. The tool lets you either browse for images, or just drag them onto the UI and automatically processes it into either a URI or the entire HTML necessary to include it in your web page.

If this tool sounds like it's up your alley, check it out! If you have any feedback or suggestions, post them here on the site or get in touch with me.