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January 12, 2017
Today I learned the basics for building an Androidâ„¢ app. My first foray into this world is a very, very simple interface to the Bike Management online application. It's not yet released on the Google Play store, as I don't feel it's up to snuff for paying the $25 registration fee yet. I am going to keep working on it in the future until it's a full-blown app in its own right. For now, it accomplishes what I want it to do, which is allow me direct access to the tool from my LG G3 without having to use a web browser. If you're interested, check it out. I created a new category on the site called Mobile Applications, which currently only contains this one. If you're interested in me adding my tools to the Google Play store (for free, of course), consider being a patron over at Patreon. The more subscribers I get over there, the sooner I will get to my very meager goals. Any extra funds can go towards things like new tools in the store.

Happy Biking!

Edit: It doesn't make sense to have these as their own separate Android applications. I have now converted to progressive web apps.