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Archived Desktop Applications

HazteK Software is a developer of many desktop applications and utilities that work in a variety of environments, mostly Windows®, but also Linux as well. This page is a complete listing of applications that have been archived. If something has been archived, it most likely means that it no longer functions on modern versions of the most popular operating systems. You may still be able to get it working, but it is not recommended.
Development Tools
VB Code Editor, or VBCE, is a small application that allows you to store all your code snippets found on the internet.
Total Downloads: 6,745
Miscellaneous Tools
Countdown is a very, very simple tool that does exactly what it is called. It counts down.
Total Downloads: 15,038
KeyDemon is a hotkey program that runs in your system tray. It allows you to map the F6 through F12 keys to any file/program you want. Then, at the press of a button, your file/program opens, ready for use. If a file is opened, the default program to view that file is opened. If a program is opened, then the program loads, ready for use.
Total Downloads: 4,697
CounterAmp is a small, dockable program that allows you to control Winamp 2.x without having direct access to it.
Total Downloads: 21,291
Pandora Desktop was an application to run the Pandora music streaming website in a standalone window. It has been deprecated as it no longer functions with the Pandora site.
Total Downloads: 40,571
HazteK Email Checker was a tool to check your emails and notify you when something new came in. It was deprecated a long, long time ago. This page is only here for historical context.
Total Downloads: 2,721
Gmail Checker restores functionality lost when Google discontinued the Windows Google Talk client in February of 2015.
Total Downloads: 7,139
Wincust is a program that allows you to make modifications or "tweaks" to your personal computer. It has been proven to work completely in Windows 95/98. Various results have been achieved in other versions of Windows including 2000 and XP. It doesn't do much in Vista.
Total Downloads: 14,801
Web (WWW)
HazteK MultiBrowse was created for people that browse web forums.
Total Downloads: 7,383