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November 9, 2017
a screenshot of the custom post dialog from TrueIPIn the world of dynamic DNS, there are many different providers, and not so many clients that support those providers. Today I released a new version of TrueIP that allows you to specify custom URLs, fields, etc to GET/POST to. I personally use the dynamic DNS option with my domains for various dynamic hosts. I use Namecheap as my DNS provider at the moment, and it is fairly easy. They supply the information necessary to get set up and start using a dynamic updater on their website. I have not tested with any other providers, but from little research I have done, this should work with the majority of them. If you are interested in testing, please let me know your results, and I can update this post and the TrueIP page. Currently, this has only been added to the desktop TrueIP client, but soon I will also implement this feature into TrueIP Service Edition. Update, both the desktop and service versions of TrueIP now support this feature! Check out the change log for more details.

Note: Please uninstall any previous versions of TrueIP, as this new version is installed in a new location to be consistent with other HazteK Software applications.

Happy IP tracking!