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October 15, 2008
Hello everyone. Recently I have been adding features to the SMTP Mail Sender application. One of the features I have recently included is the ability to translate the application to any language the user desires. I have used Babelfish to convert to Italian and Spanish, but I know that it isn't very good at translating technical terms, or even just regular terms sometimes. So I am going to ask my users to help me out. If you speak a second language, or if English isn't your primary language, and you think it would be helpful to have the application translated to your native language, please translate the following. All you need to do is copy and paste it from this into a text editor and fill in the values after the = signs. See the words to translate after the jump. From= To= Subject= Message Body= Attachment(s)= Add= Open Text File= Insert Text File= Settings= Keep open after sending= Send= Send a message= Server= Port= Secure Connection (SSL)= Server requires authentication= Username= Password= Composition Font= About= Cancel= OK= Add new entry= Name= Address= Delete= Save= Address Book= And that's it! I can take the values and plug them into the translated file and include it with the next release. Note I will do some quick fact checking on the values to make sure there aren't any swear words or anything, as long Babelfish clears it, I'll clear it. -Joey