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October 4, 2010
Hello everyone!

I have recently noticed that a significant amount of TrueIP users have set their update time to an unrealistically low value, which is causing servers to slow for others. I would like to request a few changes be made if possible. Firstly, while I originally included an update page on the futurec.net domain, it is not longer available. There have been hundreds of thousands of requests to this page that no longer exists which are needing to be redirected to something like myip.dnsomatic.com. Recently, there have been firewall rules being put in place on the server to drop all connections from repeat requests from the same IP address. If you still have the www.futurec.net/trueip.php source setup as your primary IP, please change it to myip.dnsomatic.com, which provides the same service. Secondly, please increase the amount of time between refreshes if you are using a high speed connection like DSL or cable. Your IP address most likely doesn't change more than every 15 minutes. If you are on a very flaky dial-up connection, then it probably doesn't matter too much if you are requesting it every few minutes, since some of the requests would fail anyway.

With these changes I think that people will have a better experience with TrueIP and the server admins will have an easier time with connections to their servers.