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September 22, 2023
It's official, HazteK Software has served up over one million downloads of freeware applications! That's a lot of downloads for one little freeware developer like myself. As I've said before in my 500,000 download post over 4 years ago, I want to thank you for trying out and enjoying using my applications. It means a lot to me knowing that I've built something that can improve the lives of others, even if just a little bit in their daily computer activities.

Thanks to all of those who have provided feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and even monetary support. I know I've slowed down on development recently, as my day job has shifted to a more complex role that leaves me with a lot less free time to pursue hobby development. Fortunately, I consider most of my applications to be in a pretty mature state at this point in their lives, and so only minor bug fixes need to be published occasionally.

And for those of you who are into statistics, here are the top five applications downloaded from my site:
  • StorURL 284,739
  • SMTP Mail Sender 141,107
  • TrueIP 117,071
  • Simple Phone Book 38,154
  • Countdown MAX! 29,978

So once again, thank you, and I hope to one day be posting about another great milestone. Maybe two million downloads? See you then!