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June 15, 2008
I just recently started using StarDock's ObjectDock application in Windows XP. I couldn't find an easy way to launch the "Run" command from the object bar, so I decided to write my own application that mimicked this feature. It is a very simple application, with very limited use. It is basically for people who don't know the Windows+R command or have those hot keys disabled on their system. It functions identically to the Windows "Run" command.

If you feel that this might be of some use to you, feel free to download it from the RunWidget information page or directly from this post.

Update: Version is already available. I fixed a pretty significant problem with handling arguments and "quoted" paths like "C:Program FilesStorURLstorurl.exe". It should be fine now, and is downloadable from the exact same place. Sorry for anyone who ran into this problem before I fixed it.