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November 1, 2008
I have taken some suggestions by a supportive user of StorURL and implemented in the latest version, 2.6.7. The following features and fixes have been included in the latest version:
  • Holding the control key and clicking an item in the list will cause it to scan the website automatically, mark it with the scan result, and display it in the preview window if it is still a valid page.
  • Holding the shift key and clicking an item in the list will scan the website and mark it with the scan result.
  • Export entire database to Internet Explorer. If you choose this option from the File->Export menu, your entire StorURL database will be exported to the currently logged in user's Internet Explorer favorites folder/menu. It keeps the same structure as the StorURL database within the IE folder.
  • Added the ability to search only the currently selected category. By default StorURL searches your whole database, but if you only want to search your selected category (except All Links) just check the box then run the search again.
As always, you can get the latest version a few different ways. You can grab it from the StorURL information page, download it directly from this post, or use the built-in automatic updating mechanism of a previous version of StorURL to upgrade to 2.6.7.

If you find any problems with these new features, or you have more features you would like to suggestion, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment on this blog post.