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November 2, 2008
I have fixed a few problems introduced with the last update that allows you to export the entire database to Internet Explorer. Also here are some other items that have been updated.
  • Search window remembers its size from the last search performed
  • Quick search functions properly again, and is case-insensitive
  • Added a progress screen for importing and exporting to Internet Explorer. Large databases take some time, and stopping it in the middle can cause the application to crash. This progress screen tries to prevent that from happening.
  • Added a toolbar button for opening the Find feature for more advanced searching of the database
  • Added case sensitivity option to the Find feature
  • Updated the graphics on the toolbar to look better. 32bit PNG files are much better than blended GIF files.
  • Fixed the automatic update feature to work properly with the 2.6.10+ versions. Versions 2.6.1-9 will not auto-update to version 2.6.10, you will be required to manually download this file. There is nothing I can do, it was a faulty checking mechanism in those versions. You can download the update file manually here and extract it over the previous version or download the full installer and install that.
  • Fixed a problem where if you moved your Favorites folder to somewhere besides the default in Windows it would not import/export properly. It now dynamically detects your Favorites folder.
  • Fixed a problem with the Opera import feature where it was looking in the Opera program files folder instead of the Application Data folder. This was due to a change in Opera and I haven't tested against the latest versions until this update. It should function properly again.
  • Fixed a problem where if you drag a URL on the right to the category list on the left, but dropped it on blank white space, it would crash. Now it just does nothing if you do this.
So that was quite a few updates in this version compared to the last posted version, which was 2.6.7. If you find any problems with this latest version, please let me know! I can't test every possible scenario myself, as there aren't enough hours in the day, especially when it is free software. :)