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April 27, 2008
A new version of StorURL is now available. I have fixed some problems and added a few features that were asked for by users. Below are the major things I changed:
  • Cleaned up the link scanning utility so it handles errors better. It now will inform you if a site has merely timed out instead of giving an "unknown error." Usually re-scanning the site will result in it working properly. It also highlights these timed out sites with yellow instead of the red when it is really no longer a valid link.
  • Added a timeout option, so you can choose how long you want StorURL to wait for a response before marking a site as timed out. You can shorten it for broadband connections and lengthen it for higher latency connections like dial-up, satellite, cellular, etc.
  • Added a Copy URL to clipboard option on the right-click menu for the link. This allows you to copy the URL if you need to paste it into a document or email or whatever.
As always, you can download the latest version a few different ways. You can download the new installer from the information page, directly from this post, or use the built-in updating option on the Help menu. Hopefully these fixes will help you use StorURL more productively.