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April 18, 2008
I just posted a new version of StorURL. It has a major build release, but it doesn't have any major changes in it. I fixed some crashes and data loss that occurred when dragging a favorite URL from the right panel into its own directory in the left panel. I also fixed the auto-updater, as I noticed that it wasn't launching the new version of StorURL after the update was complete. That was more of a nuisance than anything critical. I also disabled the ability to create sites and sub categories under the All Links pseudo-folder. It is a read-only folder and shouldn't have allowed that to happen. As always, you can download the full installer from the StorURL information page, or click the direct download link. It is not recommended to manually download and install the update zip file for this version, as it might break the installer with the major version change and all. And the internal installer should work perfectly fine for downloading the latest version. On a side note, I have been getting a lot of downloads for TrueIP 2.0, but nobody signing up for the free service. I know the registration page was broken the first few days, but it is up and fully functional now. The joys of beta applications. =)