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September 10, 2021
playlist iconMy music collection is strewn all over my various hard drives, and I've been required to bring along all of my external drives every time I travel to/from my job, now that I am back in the office a few days a week. It was frustrating to lug those around regularly, and so I worked to migrate all of my music to my internal storage on my laptop. One drawback to this process was that some of my music was already on the internal storage, but those same files also existed on my external drives, which were really hold overs from my previous computer that I never merged. Because of this, when I migrated all my music together into a single Winamp playlist, there were a lot of duplicates. While it doesn't make a big difference if the same song is on a playlist of 3000+ songs, it annoyed me when it would play the same song twice in a short period of time when on random, just because it was in the list twice. Just like that, Playlist Cleaner was born. I know it's a pretty specific niche tool, but I figured it would be good to share with the two or three other people in the world who also maybe have this problem and search the web to solve it.

Another recent tool I've built is Network Profile Editor. This came about after a conversation with a co-worker on why her network was labeled as "Frontier873" even though she was on campus and definitely not connected to a Frontier network. I did a little research and found that the only way to rename profiles was to edit the registry manually. It worked, but seemed like a lot of work for such a small convenience. I took a few hours to work on a simple application to let us modify our network profiles without digging through the registry. It's just a cleaner interface to the same end goal. Since this seemed like something that others have wondered about in the past, I decided to package up the tool and release it on my site.