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October 24, 2017
a screenshot of the SHAsher applicationRecently I was working on a project where I was troubleshooting some SHA256 hashing issues. I needed to do some comparisons between what I was trying to hash, and what I was actually getting. There are online tools to do this, but the information I wanted to hash was sensitive, and I didn't think it would be a good idea to be pasting it in plain text on a random website to be hashed and returned. I figured if they are doing the hash on the back-end server, then they could also be doing something like building a rainbow table of those hashes for any future nefarious purposes they want. Anyway, I figured it'd be simple enough to use the hashing algorithms built in to the .NET framework to make my own simple desktop application to hash values. I got something up and running pretty quickly, and it worked well for my purposes. Since I was already half-way to an application anyway, I added some features, made it presentable and slapped it up here on the website for others to use. With that, SHAsher was born. It's available to download now from its application page. If you need to hash things with MD5, SHA, SHA256, SHA384, or SHA512 locally on your windows desktop, check out the application. It's dirt simple to use and keeps all your data to yourself without sending anything across the web.

# Happy hashing!