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February 20, 2011

I have posted a new application called Remote Manager. It is an application that helps you manage your remote connections using PuTTY, TightVNC and Microsoft Remote Desktop clients. It is designed to act like a chat program buddy list, with a vertical window that makes it easy to expand and contract the different types for easier management. I wrote the application because after upgrading to Windows 7 at work, I determined the explorer interface sucks. I used to keep all my remote connections in a single folder (via shortcut files, ini files, etc) but everything in Windows 7 is too large! My folder that easily fit in a quarter of my monitor in Windows XP takes up almost the entire screen in Windows 7. The same amount of icons, but all the padding and fancy graphics and useless toolbars make for less usable space. Remote Manager solved this problem for me, and actually made it smaller than even in Windows XP, while making it easier to access all my connections. I hope it helps other SysAdmins in their day to day tasks as it has helped me.

As always, you can get the latest version by visiting the application information page or via directly downloading Remote Manager.