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March 1, 2008
I wrote a new application this weekend. I needed a way to easily modify multiple files for the website simultaneously. The program is called MultiFile Replace. It scans through a directory that you specify, including sub-directories if that option is checked, and replaces with in all the files it finds. You can specify the file filter that you want to scan, so if you only want to change text files or html files, it is easily done. You can find more information and download it from the application's main page, or download it directly. I think it's simple yet powerful enough to be used by people that update a lot of "static" content on a regular basis. This is version 0.1.0, meaning it's very new. If you have any ideas or features for the application, or have problems using it, please leave me a comment or contact me from the contact page.

I hope this new application is as much use to you as it is to myself.